So You Want to Be an Interpreter: An Introduction to Sign Language Interpreting

So You Want to Be an Interpreter by Jan Humphrey, Bob Alcorn, and Janice H. Humphrey

This book has evolved from more than 20 years of field-based research and classroom instruction. The authors have written the book so that both newcomers to the field of Sign Language interpretation and long-term practitioners can easily understand the history, trends and issues in the field. They have included helpful examples and numerous personal experiences in a colorful communication style described by many readers as "consumer friendly." Each chapter concludes with a summary of key points, thought questions, and suggested activities to expand one's learning. The content includes information included in the written portions of certification examinations for interpreters in both the United States and Canada. So You Want to be An Interpreter? contains vital information beneficial to people who are Deaf, parents of Deaf individuals, teachers of the Deaf, students of American Sign Language and Deaf culture, as well as Sign Language Interpreters. Jan Humphrey was introduced to ASL and the Deaf community in Texas at age 15 which lead to a life-time involvement with the Deaf community and a career as an interpreter and educator. Jan holds a Master's degree in Education from Texas A & M University, and a Doctorate in Education from Brigham Young University. She began interpreting in 1966 and has taught interpreting since 1977, coordinating Interpreter training programs in Kansas, California, and British Columbia. Jan is currently a freelance educator and consultant, as well as a community and video relay interpreter in Seattle, WA. Bob Alcorn grew up in Texas where he lost his hearing at the age of 41 from spinal meningitis. He graduated from the Texas School for the Deaf in Austin. Bob received a BA degree in English from Gallaudet University and a Master's in Education from Texas A & M University. He taught Sign Language formally beginning in 1975 and taught interpreting beginning in 1981.